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CBD for Inflammation

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CBD is talked about in the wellness world as a tool to help promote well-being and as a natural gentle alternative to helping with health and healing. You have probably heard of the term inflammation being talked about when it comes to pain, discomfort, and other health issues. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what exactly inflammation is and how CBD can help bring some relief to this condition.

What Causes Inflammation?

So let’s first look at what causes inflammation to get a better understanding of the condition. Inflammation is a process where your body’s white blood cells and the things they make, work to protect you from outside invaders like bacteria and viruses, as well as infection. Inflammation can either be short-lived or last for a while, either acute or chronic.

There are several symptoms of inflammation including:

● Swollen joints – may be warm to the touch

● Redness

● Joint pain and stiffness

● Stiff joints

Can CBD help with inflammation?

CBD has been shown to be a promising treatment to help support people when it comes to inflammation and to help with the pain it can come with. One study published in the European Journal of Pain showed with an animal model that CBD applied topically could help lower pain and inflammation from arthritis. There is definitely more room for studies in this area but it is promising.

Anecdotally from patients and clients over the years many have found relief from CBD from their inflammation and pain through using CBD.

What CBD Products are best for Inflammation?

So after learning all about CBD and inflammation you are probably wondering what CBD products are the best for inflammation and how should you use them to have the best effect.

As with any condition you are looking to use CBD to help treat it’s important to first assess the condition itself. Depending on whether your inflammation is external or internal there are different products and methods that are most effective.

For External Inflammation

For external inflammation, topical application of CBD can be helpful. A CBD-infused hemp salve can work well to begin the healing process from the outside in. It is best to look for a salve with a fairly simple formula to allow for rapid and maximum skin penetration. Ideally, it should also be free of parabens, waxes, or petroleum ingredients as these can all interfere with the penetration into the skin. With topical application, the CBD should act within a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes and lasts between two to four hours.

Internal inflammation

If you are suffering from internal inflammation the products and treatments that work the best, in this case, are a bit different. In the case you are looking to get immediate relief then CBD infused nano water or a CBD tincture is the best to start with. The nano water takes approximately 45 seconds to act and the CBD tinctures should take about 2 minutes to act.

If you are looking to continue preventing the inflammation then soft gel capsules can be a great solution. They take a bit longer to act and feel the effects but they also last longer in the body, between 6 and 8 hours.

Having multiple methods of delivery is always the most effective for a more holistic approach.  Especially if you are suffering from chronic inflammation.

CBD and Inflammation

CBD can be a natural alternative to help support the body when it comes to the uncomfortable and difficult condition of inflammation. But as with any treatment when it comes to your health it is important to speak with your doctor and see what is the best for your unique body and health condition.