GAB CBD Products

Elite concentrate oils are extracted from the top flowers of organically grown seedlings.


Hemp Extract Oils is 100% natural, organic, vegan and kosher.

 Hemp Salve is made with entirely organic ingredients. 

Hemp Extract Soft Gels are made with premium quality hemp concentrate oil and feature a bovine gel casing.

Hemp Water Soluble is a pleasantly sweet Hemp concentrated extract that easily dissolves in liquids.


CBG works to fight inflammation, pain,  nausea and works to slow the proliferation of cancer cells.

Hemp Extract Nano Water is made using a proprietary technology which creates a concentrated hemp glycerin extract.

  • 960 MG -30 MG Per Cap Full

CBD Soy candles are available in two fragrances, Palo Santo and White Sage.

The 500 mg massage oil is made of an organic combination of sweet almond oil, MCT, avocado and jojoba oils, along with our organic CBD extract, making application smooth and easy.

Mayalife Terp Tea whole flower Hemp Teas are made with premium organic hemp flower tops, premium organic tea, and proprietary terpene blends.

Mayalife’s 1500 mg CBD roll-on’s non-greasy application penetrates tissue rapidly leaving your clothes stain free.

Made with organic apples, apple sauce ,berries, cage free eggs, whole wheat flour, spirulina, hemp extract oil, and sweet potatoes.

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