You are currently viewing In this ever-growing industry of Hemp products, how do you know what is in your product and how safe or efficacious it is?

In this ever-growing industry of Hemp products, how do you know what is in your product and how safe or efficacious it is?

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Let’s start with what is on the label.  

The size of the bottle and amount of milligrams matter.

If the bottle is 30ml (fluid ounce) and has 1000 mgs in it, one full dropper (1 ml) has 33.3 mgs. Per serving.

It should state whether it is full or  broad spectrum.

 Full Spectrum is the whole plant with all the present cannabinoids and terpenes and other phytonutrients. (The THC content must be .3% or less)

 While Broad spectrum is most cannabinoids minus THC.

There are THC free products that are CBD isolate only with no other cannabinoids.

The benefit of full spectrum is the synergy of the other cannabinoids and terpenes. Although , there is the legal limit of THC, you will still test positive in a drug test for THC because it is fat soluble and will accumulate over time.

The benefit of Broad spectrum is the synergy of the other cannabinoids and you will not test positive in a drug test.

The benefit of using a CBD isolate is that it is usually exposed to a minimal amount of solvents , but because of the lack of synergy of the other cannabinoids, generally the dosing needs to be higher than full or broad spectrum for the desired outcome.

How do we know that what is on the label is in the bottle?

Unfortunately there are a lot of products out there that are mislabeled and misleading.  The way to better understand what is in bottle is if there is a QR code that leads to a lab report .

 Often, companies have the QR code lead them to their website and you have to search for the lab report if there is one.  Products should be tested for potency, terpene content, residual solvents, mycotoxins, yeast, mold, bacteria and heavy metals. The QR code should match the batch number on the bottle.

How do you read a lab report?

Potency- is the amount of cannabinoids present in the bottle, or serving.  While most cannabinoids are measured in volume, THC is measured  by weight.  For the product to be legal, it should have less then .3 % by weight of THC.

Terpenes-  are the chemical constituents of the plant that have individual benefits that are synergistic to the cannabinoids (eg: linolool is the terpene in lavender that causes relaxation). The content of different terpenes can increase the effects of the product.

All the other tests will say pass or fail.  Obviously, we want all the other tests to say pass. 

Global Advanced Botanicals (GAB) is a  physician recommend company.  GAB 3rd party tests every batch of every product to insure the efficacy and safety of our products. As well as list them on our websites. 

Global Advanced Botanicals is a trusted brand by physicians because of the safety and efficaciousness of our products.  Physicians feel confident that the products they are recommending to their patients will provide the benefit needed for their patient population and desired outcome.  GAB also offers free consultations to help you decide which product is best for your needs and will answer all questions about their products from where they are sourced to extraction and manufacturing processes.  We want our consumers to feel confident and safe in taking our products. Check out our website for more information and product ordering. or call 305-960-7898.