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How CBD Can Help Boost Immunity

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With the seasons changing and all the exposure to different viruses, bacteria, and pathogens it’s important to have a strong immune system. Since the prevalent use of CBD is still fairly new, researchers are still learning more about it and all the different ways it can help support the body. According to some studies, cannabinoids such as CBD can help boost immunity and support optimal health.

Keep reading if you are looking to learn more about CBD and the immune system.

Does CBD help your Immune System?

Your immune system is a complex system of organs, tissues, and cells working together to keep you healthy and eliminate foreign particles and invaders from your body.

Although much more research needs to be done in order to answer the question of whether CBD helps with the immune system, it has many properties that are beneficial when it comes to supporting health and well-being. There is some encouraging evidence that CBD can support a weakened immune system so that the body is able to prevent infection.

A few studies on CBD and the immune system have shown interesting findings. One study found that cannabinoids in high doses prompted the body and immune system to kill cancer cells through a process call apoptosis. Apoptosis is a biological process that is activated in a healthy immune system when infectious cells are detected.

In some animal studies, CBD has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response in the lungs, and improve lung function.

The results of these studies are promising and give some insight into the benefits CBD can have when it comes to immune response and function.